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About our background

We're a West Australian family company. Our business consists of three directors. Tony,Barbara and Philip Middleton. Barbara has always been interested in Natural Health. Barbara is Bright, self motivated and attacks everything she does with a passion. She can turn her hand to just about anything and make a go of it. Tony has owned and managed several businesses in the past, including boat building and fiberglass plant construction. Philip has worked in the computer field for many years, and eventually started his own business doing IT support, System Analysis and general office IT troubleshooting and design.
We first started looking into alternative health when Tony (at the age of 65) came down quite rapidly with Osteoarthritis. The Doctors could not really help him, and so he started to look into alternative treatments, with the idea that he'd try anything. 6 months had passed from when he had been first diagnosed, and he could no longer do manual work, and looked like he was destine for the wheelchair within a year. He saw an Ad in the TV Times for a product he had never heard of called MSM. It seem to claim that it could do far more than what was feasable for one product, but he decided "Why not, I'll give it a go". Withing a week, he could notice that it was having an effect. His joints were moving without so much pain. He figured, it cant last, and decided to wait a little longer before deciding if he was on to something or not. After two weeks, his pain had just about completely disappeared! He was now on 2-3 teaspoons a day, and it was taking about 95% of his arthritic pain! He could work again! Slowly, others around his extensive network of friends noticed the difference in him, and inquired about the change. He started getting some for his friends. It worked! Quickly, his network of friends who were using the MSM began to grow.
After 6 months, it was extensive and his wife (Barbara) and son (Philip) were getting interested in how this worked. To cut a long story short, Barbara and Philip enrolled to study Naturopathy in a Local Natural Medicine College (AIHM). Over time, we got to know the people we were purchasing the MSM from, and they offered the business to us. We accepted, and have never looked back. We decided that just MSM was a little 1 track, and started looking for a logical complement to MSM. We added several Vitamins and Minerals to our range until we come across a range of Juicers that extracted far more juice that most others, and in a way that retained more essential vital Enzymes without breaking the cell walls of the plant being juiced! This was a revelation, and we decided to dedicate a new site to these juicers! This is that site.

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to bringing you the very best products we can find, at the best possible price. Quality does not have to cost the earth, but at the same time, you do tend to get what you pay for.
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